Developing qualified instructors is crucial for any gliding club's future, and we encourage all pilots to consider becoming instructors. Instructor training is conducted in part at the Ulster Gliding Club, and in part in England, and consists of three levels:

Basic Instructor Rating

The first step on the instructional ladder, the Basic Instructor Rating allows the pilot to sit in the back and take people up for their first flights. 

The basic requirements  are:

  • Full Silver badge
  • Minimum of 50 hours P1
  • Recommendation by club CFI
  • BGA Approved Basic Instructor's course
  • CFI check flight

Assistant Category Instructor Rating

After a pilot holds the Basic Instructor rating for a year, they may take an advanced (week-long) course to move up to the next level. The Assistant Category Instructor can instruct in  any aspect of gliding from launching to landing, and allow the pupil control for any part of the flight. They may also act as Duty Instructor on the airfield during flying operations. 

Full Category Instructor Rating

Once pilot has gained sufficient experience as Assistant Instructor, they may take another advanced course to attain the top instructional rating. In addition to instructing and acting as Duty Instructor, a Full Category Instructor may carry out advanced check flights and instructor training.